Tours: 526
Robots killed: 423,359
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DecoyDoe's DoomComplete
DecoyDay of WreckoningIncomplete
Coal TownCave-inIncomplete
Coal TownQuarryIncomplete
MannworksMean MachinesIncomplete
MannworksMann HuntIncomplete
DecoyDisk DeletionIncomplete
DecoyData DemolitionIncomplete
Coal TownCtrl+Alt+DestructionIncomplete
Coal TownCPU SlaughterIncomplete
MannworksMachine MassacreComplete
MannworksMech MutilationIncomplete
Big RockBroken PartsIncomplete
Big RockBone ShakerIncomplete
MannhattanEmpire EscalationComplete
MannhattanMetro MaliceComplete
RottenburgHamlet HostilityComplete
RottenburgBavarian BotbashIncomplete
Coal TownCataclysmComplete
DateTour NameTours Completed
2023-06-06Two Cities511
2023-05-31Two Cities506
2023-05-29Two Cities505
2023-05-26Two Cities501
2023-05-26Gear Grinder8
2023-03-27Two Cities494
2023-03-27Gear Grinder7
2023-03-22Two Cities487
2023-03-20Two Cities486
2023-03-16Two Cities484
*** Estimated. The data reflects the last known 10 days played. Only players with over 25 total tours are automatically refreshed daily. A number of factors could delay results.

Recent Comments

  • ACTUALLY it's called ゼリーボゾ get it right!!! Honestly APPALLED at the cultural IGNORANCE!!!
    - Haru on 2023-03-20 20:42:02
  • Typical shitty loot grinder. Uses tele rock exploit on rottenburg to play with 2 other garbage high tours.
    - sumusubique on 2023-02-01 22:20:03
  • -rep attempts to teach clearly more skilled player than himself on how to play missions like botbash and empire, luckily there was a player named k3nt who set him straight
    - cowboy on 2022-12-02 21:59:04
  • +rep called me a cuck
    - Jesus Christ's Plug on 2022-01-04 16:47:38
  • Only gets comments from mvm buddies. Sus AF. Actually probably taught me the most about what I needed to know to be successful in MVM. Totally in tune with the science behind D A M A G E and game mechanics overall. Over/under on rep is a + from me.
    - Opequon on 2021-07-11 20:23:47
  • This damage is mine. And this Sentry Buster is mine. That single scout, The uber medic. They're mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. Your damage is mine. The Tank damage is mine. The crit canteens, The big machines. They're all emphatically mine.
    - Basil on 2021-07-03 07:01:59
  • Typical BOOSTED high tour. Insta-locks scout (support class). Doesn't switch last wave and doesn't even use milk! Hey guy... Milk, Money, Mark. Total trash. Then you hit tab and the asshole has more damage then you (not me of course).
    - k3nt on 2021-07-02 19:24:44