Tours: 67
Robots killed: 156,517
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DecoyDoe's DoomIncomplete
DecoyDay of WreckoningIncomplete
Coal TownCave-inIncomplete
Coal TownQuarryIncomplete
MannworksMean MachinesIncomplete
MannworksMann HuntIncomplete
DecoyDisk DeletionIncomplete
DecoyData DemolitionIncomplete
Coal TownCtrl+Alt+DestructionIncomplete
Coal TownCPU SlaughterIncomplete
MannworksMachine MassacreIncomplete
MannworksMech MutilationIncomplete
Big RockBroken PartsComplete
Big RockBone ShakerIncomplete
MannhattanEmpire EscalationIncomplete
MannhattanMetro MaliceIncomplete
RottenburgHamlet HostilityIncomplete
RottenburgBavarian BotbashIncomplete
Coal TownCataclysmIncomplete
DateTour NameTours Completed
2024-06-22Two Cities67
2024-06-21Two Cities66
2024-06-20Two Cities66
2024-06-18Two Cities65
2024-06-17Two Cities64
2024-06-16Two Cities63
2024-06-13Two Cities63
2024-06-12Two Cities62
2024-06-11Two Cities61
2024-06-10Two Cities60
*** Estimated. The data reflects the last known 10 days played. Only players with over 25 total tours are automatically refreshed daily. A number of factors could delay results.

Recent Comments

  • cutie
    - arcish ♥ on 2024-04-21 11:02:41
  • Another trash autolocking retard. Kick on last wave at all costs.Join, TvM BTW, their trash playstyle would suit you quite nicely.
    - [MARI] Bill Gaither on 2020-01-24 23:47:48
  • -rep Lies on MvMlobby. Just mad I have better hats than him! KOS EDIT: Badge resetters automatically lose arguments. I mean, that would mean I am talking to someone that thinks resetting a badge gives them a higher aussie chance. Ok retard.
    - MisterHandsome.23 on 2020-01-21 21:39:17
  • -rep plays too aggressively and spams crit canteens
    - Airon on 2019-12-29 22:21:19
  • Pathetic excuse for a player; they talk shit about their friends (calling them bad etc), complains when you don't use crit canteens then blames you for their incompetence when they miss money. Overall, this player is in love with crit canteens. After playing with them for 2 months, I have not seen them go an entire mission without using them. This tells me that they are UNABLE to play without them. Also, their alt they use for commenting on mvmlobby:
    - Tahahahaha on 2019-12-12 16:59:09
  • he claims he had 2x reload speed & 1x clip size as a demo with SR on first wave EE, when he actually had 1x Damage & 1x clip size, also calls me out for using stock RL as solly which is rather funny since there's nothing wrong with stock RL. that only shows that he was looking for a counter against my offense, but failed. a very good example for when badge deleting goes wrong. this guy. has a big mouth, but no clue about the gamemode at all
    - Snuuut on 2019-05-18 04:19:26
  • yet you comment on every one elses profile to -rep them nice logic "restters" im pretty sure you couldnt beat a map if you truly tried
    - › Casual Chicken on 2019-03-23 09:27:40
  • Great engie. Always has blown up dispenser/sentry pieces scattered everywhere for quick ammo pick-ups.
    - Danny on 2019-03-14 20:32:35