☆Gran G☆
Tours: 677
Robots killed: >1,000,000
MvM data last updated 2d ago.   Status: Checking for updated MvM data  (force tour data refresh now)
DecoyDoe's DoomIncomplete
DecoyDay of WreckoningIncomplete
Coal TownCave-inIncomplete
Coal TownQuarryIncomplete
MannworksMean MachinesIncomplete
MannworksMann HuntIncomplete
DecoyDisk DeletionIncomplete
DecoyData DemolitionIncomplete
Coal TownCtrl+Alt+DestructionIncomplete
Coal TownCPU SlaughterIncomplete
MannworksMachine MassacreIncomplete
MannworksMech MutilationIncomplete
Big RockBroken PartsIncomplete
Big RockBone ShakerIncomplete
MannhattanEmpire EscalationIncomplete
MannhattanMetro MaliceIncomplete
RottenburgHamlet HostilityIncomplete
RottenburgBavarian BotbashIncomplete
Coal TownCataclysmIncomplete
DateTour NameTours Completed
2023-12-02Two Cities562
2023-12-01Two Cities561
2023-11-29Two Cities560
2023-11-11Two Cities552
2023-10-30Gear Grinder94
2023-10-30Two Cities549
2023-10-23Mecha Engine21
2023-10-23Two Cities548
2023-10-21Mecha Engine20
2023-10-21Two Cities546
*** Estimated. The data reflects the last known 10 days played. Only players with over 25 total tours are automatically refreshed daily. A number of factors could delay results.

Recent Comments

  • 2c ape
    - Mikasinka27 on 2023-09-20 15:31:15
  • Copes with their lack of basic game sense by acting like an abused autistic teenager. Yeah, that'll get you laid.
    - Gilmore Girls on 2023-02-14 16:33:31
  • loves greifing when things arent going their way. total child.
    - dum on 2022-11-21 10:28:39
  • deliberately sabotages engineer buildings by moving sentry buster towards dispenser and teleporter
    - mud on 2022-11-21 10:27:44
  • If you have a problem with me it would be more productive to tell me, rather than silently kick me on last wave.
    - solomongumball on 2022-11-19 19:38:28
  • cringe spectator exploit abuser
    - 4EY on 2022-08-30 14:11:12
  • some how this inbred is 270 tours....? he did less than 10k a wave on hh on wave 5/6/7 he idled half the waves walking around the map ??? kos hes a useless carry, bitches about pyro using gas / aka tacobotter that isnt banned
    - › Casual Chicken on 2022-05-31 16:14:07
  • I'm in complete agreeance with Beezor. Guy goes Pyro wave 2 BB which is fine, however he starts airblasting the giant Pyros back constantly. Wave 3, dies to the giant Heavy and blames the Medic when he doesn't have any crit res (doesn't buy crit res until wave 6 actually). Buys extremely braindead upgrades overall and also gets trash damage overall, was essentially matched damage wise with the 1 tour pipe Demo in our game.
    - BrutalPizza on 2021-04-23 16:56:05
  • -rep so bad, made me lose brain cells just playing with him
    - Beezor on 2020-05-29 14:48:15