Tours: 4011
Robots killed: >1,000,000
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DecoyDoe's DoomIncomplete
DecoyDay of WreckoningIncomplete
Coal TownCave-inIncomplete
Coal TownQuarryIncomplete
MannworksMean MachinesIncomplete
MannworksMann HuntIncomplete
DecoyDisk DeletionIncomplete
DecoyData DemolitionIncomplete
Coal TownCtrl+Alt+DestructionIncomplete
Coal TownCPU SlaughterIncomplete
MannworksMachine MassacreIncomplete
MannworksMech MutilationIncomplete
Big RockBroken PartsIncomplete
Big RockBone ShakerIncomplete
MannhattanEmpire EscalationIncomplete
MannhattanMetro MaliceIncomplete
RottenburgHamlet HostilityIncomplete
RottenburgBavarian BotbashIncomplete
Coal TownCataclysmIncomplete
DateTour NameTours Completed
2024-07-19Two Cities2451
2024-07-18Two Cities2450
2024-07-17Two Cities2450
2024-07-16Gear Grinder474
2024-07-14Two Cities2449
2024-07-13Two Cities2448
2024-07-11Two Cities2448
2024-07-10Two Cities2447
2024-07-05Two Cities2446
2024-07-03Two Cities2445
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Recent Comments

  • chill dude, taught me the hidden art of airblast
    - person on 2024-06-27 04:38:42
  • keeps burping during the game :p.
    - Scorpio777 on 2024-06-21 16:11:34
    - Astute Gentleman on 2024-06-15 21:38:17
  • Looks like another tour grinder. Played meta in 4-stack, stayed quiet whole match. Can't complain about his performance.
    - Alastor on 2024-05-20 19:31:34
  • BrutalPizza has used their DILD Power Up Cunteen!
    - abbie falls on 2024-05-01 15:41:34
  • boobtal
    - furuka on 2024-04-01 11:19:15
  • I have spent far too much time laughing at really stupid shit with this man at 4am. No regrets. Also goated player +rep
    - Hat Wearing Man on 2024-03-22 12:09:07
  • +rep Only time I remember running into Brutal was back 1.5-2 years ago in a Bigrock game, but I had to leave due to IRL obligations. A shame I never got to play with this guy, one hell of a speedrunner, great knowledge of MvM and a great example of how a toxic player can turn into a nice guy. Maybe I’ll run into you again one day
    - Kurumesu on 2024-01-29 12:12:22
  • Didn't know about Brutal during his toxicity phase, he added me a while back and we've become good friends since then. Extremely funny guy and talented gamer. Always fun to be around and he knows how to carry on any class. Definitely a top bloke.
    - MisterCalle on 2024-01-23 04:48:32
  • Dinga dong a ding diddy a bendy bend a bendy bend ding ding ding ding DING DING DONG ashabaababadoo
    - Haru on 2024-01-22 17:36:16
  • +rep What great pal to have! It's always fun to chill with this guy and play a tour or two with him. He's amazing and very knowledgable about MvM and is such a nice guy, even if he is also a bit weird.
    - Brickbrock on 2024-01-22 14:24:16
  • i love wallace
    - redhead on 2023-06-15 23:47:35
  • An amazing player with the knowledge and patience to back it up, was extra patient with me when I got back into speedrunning. Grateful that I got back into contact with him
    - Ro on 2023-03-29 17:01:25
    - Emily on 2023-03-23 23:32:21
  • i think that demo is cheating...
    - Chrstin on 2023-03-16 05:42:53
  • the most wallace of my dars toenails with cheese and crackers
    - bubble on 2023-01-24 06:23:18
  • has a nice face and sybian +commode +wheelchair
    - DildanoVibrato on 2022-12-23 15:19:40
  • I bet he can't even name 2 characters from Wallace & Gromit
    - Oscilloscope-Related Product on 2022-11-30 12:58:17
  • remember when he used to que with mike the camel and kick people on last for no reason doubt he's changed
    - Newguy39 on 2022-10-25 08:48:01
  • Has nice hair +conditioner +shampoo
    - k3nt on 2022-07-18 20:45:54
  • One of the best players I've played with in MvM. Super chill and knowledgeable with a sense of humor. While we've had a few scuffles in the past, it's great to play with him with any class. +rep
    - Lee Harrold on 2022-06-26 08:11:01
  • good or something on doing missions fast (fr though i also really liked his old speedrun/low man videos)
    - Pasta on 2022-06-09 15:20:37
  • Brutal is a very skilled player, and he has great knowledge on MvM. Very good content creator as well, one of the most chill dudes I've met from MvM.
    - Fierce on 2022-05-19 14:52:38
  • I wish he was still toxic
    - solomongumball on 2022-02-14 13:39:26
  • In defiance of Allah, a man turned himself into a pickle, this is not funny! This is paganism!
    - Muhammad Al-Tamimi on 2022-02-09 21:15:34
  • I remember looking up to Brutal and watching his videos in astonishment of how fast missions can be done or how little players you need to complete missions. Now that I have played with him and gotten to know him a bit better, I think he deserves all the respect I've had. It's genuinely difficult to believe that this guy was once one of the most toxic Mann Up players
    - ElectricChair22 on 2022-02-03 04:08:06
  • Brutal, you have the best selection of movies for movie nights
    - YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE !!! on 2022-02-03 03:54:15
  • good guy, helps out new players in 2c. very refreshing to see
    - Microsoft Word on 2021-09-28 15:58:17
  • Its been a while. Reading your recent comments has been quite refreshing. I always thought you were never a lost cause but just went through the cunt stage when you reached puberty. lol. Do you still beat box? I am sure space hog will say the same as me regarding the change in character. Fair enough though we all take different paths in life and going through puberty while playing a game with so many random toxic people will affect your mind and decisions etc. Nice time see you have turned into a gentleman
    - GR4YB34RDD on 2021-09-28 06:49:53
  • Genuinely good friend and player although he should really stop saying the same thing at the same time as me. SICK OF IT NOW M8
    - kubbie on 2021-09-06 18:36:35
  • Updated comment for 2021: Used to have beef but he's completely mellowed out since our previous interactions. Hope to run into you again sometime
    - Dave Lister on 2021-08-01 16:39:58
  • This guy fell into my friends list somehow. When someone asked why he was in it, I said "I don't know?" and they mentioned how Pizza had a past of being rough and tough. However, I knew nothing of this, because every interaction I had with the guy he was very polite. I know some people are still sore, but it seems like he changed.
    - Ahuman on 2021-07-07 09:48:08
  • An extremely skilled player and speedrunner who recently shred a lot of his toxicity. I haven't been around long enough to know what he was like in his "prime" but after hearing second-hand accounts of it - I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be on the receiving end. I witnessed him apologize to someone who had an almost 4-year long beef with him - left the poor dude speechless. The same Brutal that bullied him years prior was now apologizing and offering to be friends. A thing of beauty if you ask me.
    - flarez on 2021-03-30 04:34:40
  • *speedruns 2c like a boss*
    - yanjen on 2021-03-09 04:20:26
  • a really good player, one of the 4 or 5 people over 2k that are genuinely worth their tours in a way, and he thankfully lost most of the toxicity over the years.
    - ʰᵉᵃʳᵗ on 2021-03-02 14:27:30
  • has a sexy voice
    - press tab you retards on 2021-02-21 19:01:49
  • I just wanna screech in his ear
    - arcish ♥ on 2021-01-11 23:53:03
  • Good carry on mm, would play with again
    - -`K♡H´- on 2020-12-25 16:03:10
  • I've been friends with Brutal for a couple of years. I met him in his toxic phase, back when the tacobot group was "you are trash at mvm", I was apart of TvM when I met Brutal which meant it would be tough to make friends with him. However, after a year, he bettered himself after a MM ban that he got due to the amount of kicking he did back in his toxic days. Nowadays, he's an amazing player and ambassador who has also bettered me with how I think of others and how I play. I can't thank him enough for that
    - THWU|Bobbyp02 on 2020-10-07 20:35:38
  • coping with subhumanity
    - mogged on 2020-08-09 04:47:41
  • Thinks his cock is bigger than others. As a result develops mvm magalomania. He's know from being a member of taco group who loves to gangbang solo players for whatever they can find suitable. Toxic asf short fuse and his general atttitude + his arm pits stink.
    - ͔ on 2020-06-15 20:55:34
  • +Rep Friendly Mvmer with humor. Also gives interesting tips and tricks.
    - 《FRU》 ~Fructis Norva~ on 2020-05-11 08:10:30
  • +rep cute Boy
    - ♫Dr.Cloud♫ on 2020-05-09 17:38:09
  • +rep highly experienced player. Likes to setup new challenges to keep the game fresh, ready to give useful tips and fun to play with.
    - Kiseli_Kinez on 2020-02-07 07:42:34
  • Well, first as I said i really thought you were an asshole, a high tour toxic trash but then I kinda got to know you better, played a few matches by random queue and I must say you are a good player and impressed me, after the 6h time was of snuuut i was mad asfuck for you when joined there, but things changed and I realised its good to play with you, not only your tour is high but your skills as well, it was a pleasure))
    - vternal3 on 2020-01-13 18:21:13
  • +rep still needs to kick me but a bloody good carry whenever i sneak into his parties
    - 76561198379709003 on 2019-12-31 21:24:33
  • -rep I joined wave 2 (empire) and told the demo to put crit stickies up top and he says its downstairs who you going to believe a 1000 tour or 300 tour lmao, his friend max proceeded to airblast sentry buster to kill me for no reason and after wasting my time for 2 waves they kicked me.
    - AAAAA IM GETTING TOO MUCH MONEY on 2019-11-27 16:29:14
  • +rep, highly skilled player that can play all classes god-tier. Also does a magnificent job kicking all retards on last wave :)
    - itzzz on 2019-11-20 07:37:44
  • - rep really thinks mvm is all about getting high damage and shits instead of finishing the map fast. Been informed by others that he's a lowly troll, which is true to some people. Let me know the next time of your own mvm version that I'm supposed to compete with my own teammates in terms of DAMAGE than just destroying the bots. You speak as if your damage is any better than me. Maybe because you need med to shove your butt for critz.
    - Mostima on 2019-11-08 08:02:42
  • He added Herald.
    - -no sound- Alex.bsp on 2019-10-09 21:00:47
  • -rep Treats everyone in his matches like shit because he is constantly abused by his parents. Typical "high-school bully" archetype.
    - FIGHT! on 2019-10-06 10:16:02
  • On the contrast to what people say, he's actually a really nice person. Sure he's autistic sometimes but who isn't. He's actually really helped me improve at the game by a fuck tonne, where I'm confident in most classes and regularly gives my tips to improve. Actually met him when I was quite shit and we began talking on music tastes and found him as an awesome person, which just proves he's not actually a cunt to everyone (my tour count showed about 30 tours at the time). Awesome guy to play with.
    - Katt on 2019-09-09 18:04:56
  • Overall - (This probably will be biased) He will try and master all possible classes/loadouts where possible, has done low mans/speedruns sucessfully and still does fun stuff like team stacking/random class/loadout lobby runs. People will not agree with his methods with zero-tolerance towards people freeloading and those not up-to-par with how well they should be playing within reason. Atleast he does not delusion himself by saying he acts like someone he is not, ask if you arent sure so he can help.
    - Mike the Camel on 2019-09-09 10:08:52
  • -rep. .Immediate trash talking the instant you join in. He has 1000+ and will kick you on the last wave for shits and giggles. Trolls as soldier. Purposely triggers uber medics to blame others. nWill grief if he cannot kick you or cannot get others to kick you. nAlso bails in the middle of waves or goes idle. nDon't feel bad. About 90% of the people here are here because of the same reason you are. nThe +rep is from his friends who act similarly.
    - Biolizard5000 on 2019-07-30 20:37:42
  • get a life loser
    - suckmedaddy on 2019-07-29 21:09:01
  • another-Rep no clue who she is? never played with? thinks shes some1 but I have no clue who she is! avoid all u.k trash! (
    Takes comments too personally. )
    - Chops on 2019-06-05 00:54:42
  • wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    - super human abilities on 2019-05-16 05:23:18
  • invented autism in mvm along with his girlfriend Mike The Camel, since he never queues solo cuz he needs to have kick power like a pussy and abuses it you better leave the game he's in, otherwise you might get infected with brain cancer. Hey matt are you still pretending that you changed your attitude and became a better person? lmao :D
    - Snuuut on 2019-05-06 12:58:31
  • God
    - no on 2019-02-23 21:08:34
  • brutal plaza is very nice and very good. he likes movies and making my ear balls bleed but that's ok
    - ellen degeneracy on 2019-01-05 11:01:12
  • -the most idiotic, ignorant P.O.S. player i have ever met. He thinks he is the best because he gets high damaged all the time lol. Why you don't go solo and see if you can top damage in a pub server, always crying if he doent get the medic to stick the crits up his ass. He restarts the map or quit the game if he doesnt get high damage. The idiot leaves the server every time he sees me in MvM , that proves his level of maturity. So tough to rant me, yet you added me twice to be your friend, you are pathetic.
    - atfrico on 2019-01-03 21:56:31
  • actually not as bad as i thought, watched his stream a couple times, seems pretty cool, just jaded and has little patience for low tours who don't listen
    - Gojirex on 2018-11-05 12:04:21
  • Need a dispenser here!
    - Skibidi Biden on 2018-10-05 10:53:43
  • burtalretard the class clown of 2shitties one of the worst players to play with
    - › Casual Chicken on 2018-09-22 23:28:45
  • One of the best mvm players I know. Rarely have I had more fun in mvm than when I play with Pizza, he knows how to carry without being boring. 10/10, I'm now paranoid of busters even when not playing with Pizza.
    - Pillow on 2018-09-21 13:45:40
  • takes MvM more serious then life itself
    - Pill Cosby on 2018-09-04 21:19:48
  • +rep If you want to learn something, go to this guy. He adopted me as a very young 2 tour dweeb exploring the land of Two Cities. Within a week of playing with Brutal I was improving rapidly, my upgrades were all of the sudden amazing and my performance in the team setting became god like. He is not afraid to tell you whats wrong and whats right.
    - 76561197965213846 on 2018-08-20 11:44:05
  • is probably bad
    - synthetica on 2018-08-17 21:39:57
  • BrutalBully, honestly enjoyable to play with cause you either get serious and carried no matter your skill, or beaten to death and you must carry
    - Doctor Terrorist Keira on 2018-06-30 19:23:10
  • good player that won't tolerate idiots all the time
    - :> on 2018-03-09 09:37:56
  • -rep typical 2c player All of his screenshots are of how much damage he has done in 2 cities i guess he doesnt realize its a COOP game and a advance map...also best friends with this ( could you be friends with that?
    - βobby Sacamano on 2018-01-02 11:16:34
  • Kicked me for being better than him.
    - unknown on 2017-07-18 00:37:28
  • +rep One of the very few professional MvM players out there. Can play all classes godly and takes his role serious. Furthermore very skilled at carrying bad teams on his own.
    - Trick on 2017-07-16 21:04:10
  • +rep the G.O.A.T of MVM!
    - Bips on 2017-07-07 19:59:49
  • +rep Highly skilled player who isn't afraid to call out useless players.

    Edit: Played with Brutal yesterday, he's leagues beyond me, and I consider myself to be above average.
    - BirbSMB on 2017-07-04 03:48:36
  • +rep Not afraid to call out shit players and get things done; awesome player himself.
    - WRP_Beater on 2017-06-20 21:27:00
  • One of the best mvm players in the World his Screenshots are prooving that. He is toxic towards noobs or high Tour players who lost there bite or got carryed all there Toursn If u are near his skill lvl or willing to press f1 he will add and play with u infact he is a very nice Person all in all a big +rep for him
    - Bot Braun on 2017-06-14 23:33:32
  • +rep Great player across all classes
    - >> BRADLEY on 2017-06-11 23:41:51
  • -Rep, same as Mysterious says to you, Butthurt. Still stalking and being a hobbyless fucktard, your life is completely a joke.
    - ╟?╢The Unknown╟?╢ on 2017-06-09 19:33:45
  • -Rep asf, not noobfriendly, toxic asf, same with your friends. Youre so fat -rep for that. he get mad very fast. hes crying very fast. he cant play alone. YOURE SO FULL OF AFRAID to play SOLO ;)
    - Benny44 on 2017-06-09 14:48:44
  • Oh nice @The Roseblood/Unknown. You removed your comment again because you got proved wrong once again. Here it is if anyone is interested Also, your other point on that comment that I forgot to mention, you say I'm afraid to be kicked and that's why I make lobbies of 4. Yet when you join us randomly you obviously are afraid to be kicked yourself considering that you always leave :)
    - BrutalPizzaAlt3 on 2017-05-26 16:16:37
  • @The Roseblood. Lol nice alt Unknown :D Afraid to be kicked so I make lobbies of 4? Nah, I don't care about being kicked actually, I make lobbies of 4 so I can kick the retards like you. Also I love how you once said, you will make sure to make lobbies of 4 to abuse us, yet I've met you by yourself joining randomly in a few games :D You are so full of shit :)
    - BrutalPizzaAlt2 on 2017-05-26 01:39:21
  • One of the more misunderstood MvM players. While he is an asshole (and even then he has his reasons and is self-aware, unlike other MvMers), he is a god-tier MvMer; able to carry teams as any class. One of the few TC mains that plays the game at an amazing level. Once you get to know him, he is a friendly person and fun to play with.
    - Gethshine798 | on 2017-05-13 00:55:09
  • Be sure to always play with your friends, toxic player kicks players with more than 400 tours that simply enter the game. I just uploaded a video to youtube about this guy kicking all the players that join the game, no matter how many tours you have 1000 or 0.
    This guy is a fat one that only has 4 friends willing to play with him, if he is unlucky to join his game kicks you.
    If you want to play alone with your friends, look for 2 more, it is not necessary to kick everyone, motherfucker.
    - ☆ This Is A Mistake ☆ on 2017-04-20 16:25:35
  • -rep arrogant british faggot who queues with people so he wont get kicked, and to kick others for bullshit reasons. I bought 2 ticks of ammo capacity on wave 6/7 of hamlet and he started crying and kicked.
    - Eat a Tide Pod®. on 2017-04-20 00:34:39
  • +rep pretty good mvm player. And when i say good, i mean amazing. Pizza only kicks those that can't carry their own weight. While I disagree with some of his reasons for kicking, if you can't pull your own weight, you shouldn't play in a team based game. You may be angry that other people call you bad, and look down on you, but you'll have to deal with that, and move on.
    - Mandalore on 2017-04-12 23:50:48
  • kicked me for taking an ammo pack that he wanted, to kill the final robot of an A+ wave where nothing went wrong. +rep 11/10 troll. Funny quote from his profile: "If you see me in mvm, please take note that I will not: -Take any shit from randoms at all". You know you're a coddled snowflake when not getting everything you want is "taking shit from randoms"
    - Thomas on 2017-02-17 18:12:32