Tours: 500
Robots killed: 937,659
MvM data last updated 3h ago.   Status: Checking for updated MvM data  (force tour data refresh now)
DecoyDoe's DoomIncomplete
DecoyDay of WreckoningComplete
Coal TownCave-inIncomplete
Coal TownQuarryIncomplete
MannworksMean MachinesIncomplete
MannworksMann HuntIncomplete
DecoyDisk DeletionIncomplete
DecoyData DemolitionIncomplete
Coal TownCtrl+Alt+DestructionIncomplete
Coal TownCPU SlaughterIncomplete
MannworksMachine MassacreIncomplete
MannworksMech MutilationIncomplete
Big RockBroken PartsIncomplete
Big RockBone ShakerIncomplete
MannhattanEmpire EscalationIncomplete
MannhattanMetro MaliceIncomplete
RottenburgHamlet HostilityIncomplete
RottenburgBavarian BotbashIncomplete
Coal TownCataclysmComplete
DateTour NameTours Completed
2024-05-23Steel Trap2
2024-05-22Two Cities369
2024-05-08Gear Grinder2
2024-05-05Gear Grinder2
2024-04-29Two Cities368
2024-04-28Two Cities367
2024-04-27Two Cities363
2024-04-26Two Cities358
2024-04-26Mecha Engine127
2024-04-25Two Cities357
*** Estimated. The data reflects the last known 10 days played. Only players with over 25 total tours are automatically refreshed daily. A number of factors could delay results.

Recent Comments

  • Today, I lost a brother of the OCE MvM community, he was the best to ever do it, the goat. The memories I will cherish until I join you bro, gone too soon. May you rest in peace.
    - [LS] Muzzar on 2024-06-16 00:21:23
  • I gotta tell ya i am shocked SHOCKED that this guy's character arc ended w a mentally ill episode and getting outed from autistic mvm club. everyone that knew him will tell u he was so mentally stable
    - Luwin on 2024-06-11 15:38:25
  • I don’t know you. You’re irrelevant. Be mad.
    - JuiceWayne on 2024-05-21 12:59:37
  • wow honey.... just because I deleted my comment from your mvmlobby you are discrediting me with a false accusation? before you are cheater supporter you were a good mvm player and look what you became.
    - ✩ ★ Nozomi-Lynne ★ ✩ on 2024-05-21 00:31:28
  • Notice on your alt I said "cheater/supporter". The slash indicates that your are either one of those or both, so not only can't you read like the AUS/NZ subhuman you are but my evidence checks out. And you think I crawled back to apologize for the Causal Chicken issue? I know for a fact I owned up to a genuine mistake, which at the time YOU accepted. But seeing that the comments below show that you spread misinfo, I shouldn't be surprised. I also thank you for crying to teo and getting his alt banned LMAO
    - [MARI] Kurumesu on 2024-05-20 04:24:51
  • -Rep Uses alt accounts to spread negative misinformation on mvmlobby.tf
    - hazz_mcpie -BvM- on 2024-05-20 00:55:18
  • Hostile against anticheat & several attempts to spread misinformations with their alt as former comments speaks
    - yzu on 2024-05-19 22:29:21
  • Crono you're unbelievably dogshit at the game you couldn't 3man any mission with unlimited money retard
    - HONEY on 2024-04-23 23:40:34
  • I love it when honey nuts in my cheerios
    - big on 2024-04-23 22:41:35
  • -REP. Needs cheaters to carry him because he cannot even 4man. KOL him if possible. EDIT: Look at your comments and look at mines. That says all. You talking bad about me only probes even more that I'm right.
    - Crono on 2024-04-23 06:35:26
  • vacc exploiter
    - arcish ♥ on 2024-04-22 22:20:26
  • +rep good soldier
    - citr0 on 2024-02-03 08:53:32
  • -rep Cheater Supporter - queues with Cheater https://mvmlobby.tf/profile/76561198368162760
    - Alastor on 2024-01-23 12:17:36
  • weird freak below me
    - 2 on 2023-07-20 21:10:34
  • Cheater supporter https://youtu.be/kTS7ryx3V2I | https://steamid.uk/profile/76561198920191976 | https://ibb.co/8PFdc8k
    - !✔Iruma [❤️Mika❤️] on 2023-06-23 16:41:17
  • lose some pounds you fat fuck xoxo
    - COLT 45 on 2023-05-09 10:16:31
  • good person, i can trust him i guess
    - undercooked waffle on 2023-04-28 15:35:30
  • I don't even know you dude, and you call me bad? I don't know where you're getting the notion I tell people to KOS, with the exception of kicking cheaters and their supporters on sight. Either you're mistaken or you're just dumb.
    - solidsnuck on 2023-04-04 09:28:28
  • Absoloute dogshit player had no idea what he is doing
    - DFH02 on 2023-04-02 09:03:04
  • yes mate spy 2man when
    - honey on 2023-03-16 05:40:14
  • Third best spy player in OCE >:)
    - Cammy on 2023-03-16 04:09:49
  • Despite all the negative comments, dude seems genuinely chill and decent at the game, maybe just my accounts but idk
    - Ro on 2023-03-05 00:24:22
  • +rep great player and cool guy
    - 7AMINTN on 2023-03-01 23:33:59
  • MvM Gamer. ong ong.
    - Real Darkness Owl on 2023-02-19 21:10:32
  • I bet you didnt even know Fallout existed before Bethesda bought it
    - Oscilloscope-Related Product on 2023-02-15 08:47:22
  • Terrible player, tour count to robots killed
    - Paid Actor on 2023-02-07 23:24:44
  • You will never reproduce with a female human being, autistic incel.
    - Gilmore Girls on 2023-02-06 01:23:40
  • With all due respect. Comments like the one you left on my profile are the exact reason I dodge lobbies with high tours. I do not have the capacity to deal with toxic little men who get off on being rude.
    With sincerity though, I hope you find peace pal. Still want you to eat, just not within my eyesight
    - Fence on 2023-01-27 01:46:34
  • rent free -rep
    - miv on 2023-01-17 06:31:45
  • this is like the time the roman empire fell
    - Wilk on 2023-01-16 23:43:28
  • comment deleting coward. lol
    - replicant on 2023-01-15 20:38:25
  • As expected typical Aussie ape. support cheater as well. Retard back stabber cringe ass mf. That's why you are having issues with anyone who played with, toxic white trash. Fat bitch in love with a transgender low man. Twisted fk. Farming all those robots kills with cheater teo to fill up his real-life obese body ego. Almost 20% of modern Australians, in addition to 2 million Britons, have some convict ancestry. Feel disgusted for playing with a retard fat white shit peanut ape brain in the past. Ewwwww
    - [F4mily] Fami on 2023-01-15 00:28:50
  • I don't even know who you are, mate. EDIT: All I do is repeat. A comment like that doesn't make any sense.
    - WHITE T POISON on 2023-01-13 15:19:12
  • -rep so toxic how stupid you are XD + Dave this guy with small eyes cant see my dick hightour for nothing kys . keep crying , i give you like in this video btw XDDD... fucking dumbs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUjdvE2mLN0&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=OCEANMAN
    - Phax on 2023-01-08 07:00:30
  • queues with cheaters. just an ape in general.
    - Conjo on 2023-01-07 07:52:05
  • 10/10 drama outlet
    - courtesy gift on 2023-01-04 03:11:33
  • -REP super toxic, hadn't played that specific tour and was kicked pretty much instantly for making one mistake, then woke up to a nasty comment on my profile.
    - <script>alert('fag');</script> on 2023-01-01 20:51:24
  • +rep has good knowledge of robot spawns very understanding of new players (atleast to me)
    - Peppa on 2022-12-26 12:22:25
  • are you another fascist sympathizer?
    - solomongumball on 2022-12-03 14:02:25
  • +REP good demoman on EE, carried us all
    - snakeman on 2022-12-03 08:24:26
  • Called me the N Word after I missed $1 on scout. +rep
    - DaughtersOfNyx on 2022-12-02 21:48:57
  • His GF would like me to suck his cock. I declined.
    - Kae on 2022-11-30 20:49:33
  • honey: fucking retarded niggers go play demoknight on 2fort
    - dementia on 2022-05-20 22:19:10
  • +REP This player is really good man, I really like this man
    - Dave on 2022-05-05 08:33:00
  • -rep Extremely toxic. Blows up and starts calling people the N word whenever they talk back to him. Made a command to my friend to switch off pyro and I said he doesn't have to, proceeded to yell down the mic and pull every degenerate insult out of the book EDIT: Recently has gone out of his way to comment on the profiles of anyone who he has not been able to push around, now tries to slander them with lies and cover up the fact that he has sociopathic tendencies and is extremely racist and homophobic.
    - EdgyDuck on 2022-04-29 10:49:58